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Sandymount Village Dublin - Neurodiversity Sandymount

What is Neurodiversity Ireland?

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Welcome to Neurodiversity Ireland (NI). We are a community group made up of the parents of neurodivergent children. We originally come together to build Sandymount into a neurodiverse-friendly village that welcomes and celebrates different brains and unique thinkers! However, due to the amazing response in our community and the interest in our movement from other communities across Ireland we have expanded our scope to also launch the umbrella Neurodiversity Ireland, with the vision of establish Irish communities as leaders in creating neurodiverse-friendly places, that welcome and celebrate different brains and unique thinkers. NI will focus on 4 main areas:

Strategic Focus Areas:

  1. Establish Sandymount as our flagship Neurodiverse friendly communittee, driving education, awareness and inclusivity for Neurodivergent individuals

  2. Launch Neurodiversity Ireland, which will be a country wide rollout initiative. We will encourage and support the development of Neurodiverse-friendly communities across Ireland

  3. Support Neurodivergent people & their families, by working within their local communities, schools & sports clubs to implement neurodiverse inclusives policies.

  4. Fundraising: Create the Neurodiversity Ireland Sensory centre that will provide the facilities and services greatly needed for Speech & language therapy, Sensory processing & Occupational Therapy for Neurodivergent children.

We’re delighted to have partnered with AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism charity, to help create a truly neurodiversity-friendly communities across Ireland. Now we need your help too!

We have created a symbol that can be worn as a lanyard by neurodivergent children to signal to others that a little extra compassion and understanding might be needed in certain situations. You will see our NI symbol on our wristbands and business stickers that are being displayed by family, friends and local businesses to show support for neurodiversity inclusivity.

Our NI group are passionate about making our communities places where neurodivergent people can feel supported and included. We are continuously learning how we can improve the support we give parents and our kids everyday, it is a learning process. We want everyone in the community to feel this is a safe space to ask questions and learn, we are not all always going to get this right but we can support each other on this journey.

We have set up a GoFundMe page to help launch Neurodiversity Ireland. The donations will help us raise awareness and make a huge difference to all our kids’ lives.

About Us: About