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Sandymount - Neurodiversity Ireland's Flagship community

Sandymount Flagship Rollout: About

Downloadable PDF Framework Guide

A useful resource to help guide and support you and your community on the journey to becoming neurodiverse friendly!

Sandymount Flagship Rollout: Opening Hours

When we started this initiative the goal was to put Sandymount on the map as the most neurodiverse-friendly community in Ireland. We began by asking our communities join us in creating an inclusive and welcome environment for different brains and thinkers. The response has been amazing and now we are continuing to partner with our Sandymount community to ensure it can be our flagship town for our nationwide movement! 

We have also partnered with 30 businesses in Sandymount that proudly display the Neurodiversity Sandymount symbol. These shops, cafes, restaurants and other companies are showing that they are ‘Friends to everyone’ and that they support an inclusive Sandymount with equal opportunities for all people. They have made meaningful accommodations such as quiet hours, providing social stories, handing out our sensory bags and allowing queue skipping during a challenging moment to our lanyard wearers. 

Business Accommodation Suggestions

Our symbol can be worn by neurodivergent children/families and displayed by businesses, retail outlets, offices, and hospitality venues who want to demonstrate that they are a “friend” to neurodivergent residents and customers.

Many families of autistic children or other neurodivergent profiles can find dining out or leveraging services uncomfortable and a highly stressful experience. In most cases a child may have sensory processing difficulties and shops/restaurants/service providers are often an over stimulating environment. It can also be challenging waiting too long to be seated, and dealing with unwelcome stares from others due to behavioural differences. We have compiled a few top tips that business can decide to offer to neurodivergent adults and kids that come in wearing our lanyard.

  1. Display our Neurodiversity Sandymount sticker to show your support or our A4 poster 

  2. Offer the Neurodiversity Sandymount sensory box an arrival (NI has provided this to businesses for free, this service two purposes - it makes families with neurodivergent kids feel welcome and it allows the children a sensory calming outlet keeping them happier and entertained.

  3. Offer the personalised social story of the experience a customer will likely have in the business, store or restaurant. 

  4. If it is busy in a store or restaurant, lanyard wearers can skip the queue, this is an option not a promise.

  5. If applicable some stores may offer opportunities to offer specific quiet times shopping or quiet spaces for eating for neurodivergent people i.e lower music and lighting between 5-6 on Tuesdays. 

  6. If business would like to avail of training we will be sending online modules you can complete online. If staff would like us to source further training, you can contact us at Neurodiversity Sandymount. 

  7. Welcome Autism Assistance Dogs, they will be wearing their official service jackets displaying their charity provider and typically a ‘do not distract’ request. Autism Assistance dogs have the same legal access as Guide Dogs, but sometimes can be mistaken as they will be with a child and not an adult (as is expected with Guide Dogs). We provide stickers for your window should you wish to show that you are welcoming to these very special animals. 

Lastly, we asked business for understanding that if a child is being a bit noisy or having a meltdown. We have asked please understand that it will pass and friendliness in that challenging moment is very helpful to the kids and parents. If another customer is unhappy with anything they feel may be disruptive or unwelcome behaviour from a neurodivergent guest, we ask that businesses perhaps offer them one of our leaflets explaining about neurodiversity and our ‘Let’s be Friends to Everyone’ story. 

Sandymount Flagship Rollout: Welcome

Neurodiversity Sandymount - Free Business Pack

If you are a business in the Sandymount or Dublin 4 area, we are happy to offer you support to get behind our movement Neurodiversity Sandymount. We can provide the sticker or poster so you can display our symbol and showing the world that you welcome different brains and unique thinkers. We will also provide sensory bags that you can offer neurodivergent children that enter your restaurant so you can ensure your customer feel welcome and regulated. Please request you free business pack below and join the many other Sandymount businesses supporting us.

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Sandymount Flagship Rollout: Inventory

Neurodiversity in the village

Window Stickers.jpg

See our Neurodiversity Symbol in supporting business

car sticker.jpg

Request on Neurodiversity car sticker if you need to avail of our DCC car space

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DCC supporting NS by implementing a car space only available to parents of neurodivergent children that have safety and accessibility issues

Sandymount Flagship Rollout: Services

Education in schools - pre & primary

Originally Neurodiversity Sandymount teamed up with local schools to start a conversation with children on understanding neurodiversity. Our goal is to drive understanding and awareness at the crucial grass roots level with children. 

We've been distributing our “Let's be Friends to Everyone” story and children wristbands to Schoil Mhuire, Star of the Sea and St Mathews, so they can show their support for neurodivergent children in the school environment and beyond. Helping and supporting neurodivergent children feel included at schools and being supported in the local community will help to change the world around them for the better. It is also very empowering for all children to learn they have the power to drive inclusivity and that everyone is different and unique which is a great thing.

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Sandymount Flagship Rollout: About

School Story

lets be friends to everyone_Brochure Inside.jpg

Lets be a friend to everyone

Community Inclusion


Football, Gaelic & Drama for all

Sandymount Launch Night

public meeting flyer-01.jpg

Drive awareness on Neurodiversity

Sandymount Flagship Rollout: Services

List of supporting businesses


Bath Pub & The Old Spot

Bike Shop

Bookshop on the Green

KDK Sisters

The Butcher's Block

The Butler's Pantry

Casper & Giumbini's Restaurant

The Chop House

Collette's Alterations

Creo Beauty Ballsbridge


Cullen Communications

Enable Ireland Playschool

Gilford Montessori and After School

Jaz Hair Co

Lansdowne Tennis Club

MACE Sandymount

Monkstown Rugby Club

Murtagh's Hardware

Nourish Health Food Store

O'Briens Wine Beer & Spirits

The Orange Goat Cafe

Pembroke Montessori

PlayAct Drama School

Railway Union Sports Club

Sandymount Hotel

Sherry Fitzgerald


Strand Montessori School

Tesco Sandymount

Sandymount Flagship Rollout: List
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