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Let Me Be Me: A Conversation About Dyslexia in Ireland

Wed 12 Oct 2022 @ 6:00 PM

How does it feel to be Dyslexic in 2022. We have a superb panel of speakers who have come together to help support the Dyslexic Community in Ireland this October for Dyslexia Awareness Month. The discussion will evolve from navigating a dyslexic diagnosis, entering the world of education, enjoying hobbies, downtime and movement breaks. The conversation is aiming to help support the challenges that are still apparent today, approaching dyslexia in a more forward-thinking progressive way, and empowering the Dyslexic community in Ireland. 

At Neurodiversity Ireland we are excited to host a panel of different thinkers who will talk through their experiences with dyslexia;

Introducing our 2022 Dyslexia Awareness Ambassador Ellie Mc Manamon, a horsewoman from Keel in Co. Mayo. Ellie will talk about her experience navigating the Irish Education system through her diagnosis of dyslexia.

We are delighted to be hosting an educator who has experience working with neurodiverse children, introducing Joe Lennon Cherrywood ETNS

Michele Van Valey, is an advocate and a mum of a dyslexic boy, Michele has worked tirelessly to help support her sons' needs throughout his development within all of his different environments.

Darine Cullen, one of the founders of Neurodiversity Ireland, Darine will be discussing her journey as a child/teenager and an adult living and with Dyslexia. 

Thank you to Adrian of Art Direction for at for creating the below booklet:

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